Air Power Conference

The Route to Air Power 2040

The world is facing unpredictable and, in some cases, unstable times, with an increased context of Air Power competition and the proliferation of advanced weapons systems. The UK must be ready to deter and meet such challenges. The means to do so will include the development and exploitation of advanced technologies in areas such as space, cybersecurity, AI, quantum computing, hypersonics and remotely piloted aircraft. Such systems will not only enhance this nation’s Defence capability but also offer a competitive export role in markets that are increasingly expanding yet becoming more sophisticated and hence more lucrative. The export of defence equipment also offers the opportunity to build enduring security policy relationships with other nations.

This virtual, interactive conference, organised by the RAeS Air Power Specialist Group, will provide a platform for senior leaders from industry, military and academia to come together to engage in discussion on the factors that will shape the way Air Forces are constituted, prepared for and exercised in delivering Air Power in the period between now and 2040 and beyond.

The conference will see presentations, interview style sessions and discussions with leaders in the context of technology, indicators of the likely geopolitical context, and predicting likely developments in government and the Defence establishment. There will be panel discussions on how industry and officials see the response to change in context in Space/Hypersonics, Combat Air and ISR and also interactive discussion on the intent and aspirations of Project Astra.

Attending the conference will provide an exclusive and unique opportunity to get advanced insight and participate in discussions on the future of Air Power to 2040.