9 December 2020

The Annual Aerospace Medicine Symposium

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7-8 December 2020

Air Power Conference

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22-23 October 2020

Urban Air Mobility Conference 2020

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3-4 November 2020

Climate Change Conference

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25-26 November 2020

President’s Conference – Digital technologies

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MB Lounge

Martin-Baker is proudly supporting RAeS Aerospace Medical Conference

Martin-Baker Live Ejections

Martin-Baker is the world leading manufacturer of ejection seats with 7634 lives saved to date. This video shows live footage of the Martin-Baker ejection seat technology saving the lives of these pilots in emergency situations.

Martin-Baker Ejection Seat Test

This is a fantastic slow motion shot from a recent NACES ejection seat test that was carried out earlier this year. The ejection test was out of one of the two famous Martin-Baker operated Gloster Meteor aircraft.