9 December 2020

The Annual Aerospace Medicine Symposium

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7-8 December 2020

Air Power Conference

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22-23 October 2020

Urban Air Mobility Conference 2020

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3-4 November 2020

Climate Change Conference

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25-26 November 2020

President’s Conference – Digital technologies

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RAeS Climate Change Conference is sponsored by Shell Aviation

Shell Aviation is proud to present “Flightpath”, a conversation series offering expert perspectives and potential solutions on issues that are central to the future of our industry.

Join us at Flightpath to find out what it will take to make aviation sustainable by clicking on the link below.



Catch Bryan on the Fuels Outlook panel at 15:50 on Wednesday 4 November


General Manager Sustainability & Risk
Shell Aviation

Biography: Bryan joined Royal Dutch Shell in 1996 after a short stint in the Aerospace Division at the UK Department of Trade & Industry where he was involved with the UNEP/ICAO program looking at new emissions standards for civil aviation and developing long-term market demand forecasts.

Prior to his current role in Shell Aviation, Bryan spent 18 years in Shell Trading including 7 years as senior jet trader in both Houston and Dubai. He has also worked in gasoline and crude oil trading in Singapore and London, respectively. As senior fuels trader he worked closely with many of Shell’s airline customers and has been involved in most of our supply chain operations across the globe.

During his time in Shell Aviation, Bryan was responsible for setting-up Shell’s first Sustainable Aviation Fuel supply chain and the low carbon strategy for the organisation. In addition to managing the aviation sustainability activities in Shell, Bryan was also instrumental in establishing the price risk and pricing teams that sit under his portfolio of current activity.


Collaboration remains pivotal as the aviation industry works towards recovery while addressing the climate challenges that come with growth and progress. We’re proud to play our part.